Safe Road Company

We, Safe Road Company, are pleased to address you and we are honored to introduce you to our company. We work in the field of trips and limousine services. We hope to be your reliable partners in this field.
Based on our desire to provide distinguished service, we are honored to provide our various services, hoping to achieve joint cooperation between us. We have been working in this field since 2005

The company is able to provide the following:

  • Cars (2022-2023) with all specifications that ensure customer comfort
  • The 11-seater van and the 15-seater Hiace are modern models with the ability to rent four-wheel drive cars.
  • All cars are comprehensively insured
  • All cars are insured for the driver and passenger
  • Drivers qualified to drive and have taken defensive driving courses.
  • Drivers qualified to drive and have undergone training courses and tests in off-road driving.
  • Drivers who are fully familiar with all roads and parts of the Arab Republic of Egypt to move from any place to any place at any time in the shortest possible time.
  • Drivers who have an online first aid course in accident first aid.
  • Drivers who speak English & And Italian, to ensure a space of understanding with non-Egyptian customers to ensure that their needs are met and they feel comfortable
  • Drivers with experience working in the work sites of petroleum - navigation - and relief companies - throughout the Republic (North Sinai - Canal Cities - South Sinai - Red Sea Governorate and Hurghada - Delta Cities........)
  • Modernizing and developing work methods and mechanisms, as well as the company’s various vehicles, to ensure the provision of good service to the work.
  • Monitoring drivers’ performance and working to develop this performance periodically through the company’s management
  • The company's management is qualified to present the actual performance of its drivers and cars in a way that ensures credibility and good performance

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